Last Show of 2012

Come and spread holiday cheer with us, FUCKED UP, and LEMURIA at the Warsaw in Brooklyn. Dec. 21st. We’ll be debuting our new holiday anthem “THE LESS THE MERRIER”…

12/21 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Warsaw 261 Driggs Ave w/Fucket Up, Lemuria, Parquet Courts fb event


Just wanted to let everyone know that the members of Night Birds survived the storm.    We all had some damage to our homes and property to deal with but we’ll survive.

We unfortunately had to cancel on The Fest at the very last minute otherwise we would have not been able to evacuate ourselves and maintain our homes in the face of this disaster.  We don’t take canceling a show lightly- sorry to anyone who was planning on seeing us in Gainesville.


We just got home from a great weekend out to Baltimore, MD for the Celebrated Summer Records 6 year Anniversary show (congrats to Tony Pence! CS rules), a show in Richmond, VA (which never lets us down, maybe our favorite place to play in the country?), and our Reading, PA debut with Jello Biafra & the GSM. Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows and showed us a good time. Earlier this month we played a few record release shows for the 12″ pressing of our “Fresh Kills Vol. 1” collection on Grave Mistake in Brooklyn and Philly. The Philly show was a send off for our friends in SICKOIDS who are moving all over the country. We love those guys and wish them the best. They are collectively our favorite new band and if you don’t have the album they did on Residue yet, seriously do yourself a favor and pick it up. We also played the House of Vans earlier this month and that was a great time too.

We have a handful of local shows coming up and we are also making the trek down to play THE FEST in Gainesville, FL in late Oct. That will be our last show for a little while… We really want some time to finish writing our new album and between our personal lives and playing out so much, it’s becoming difficult to find the time. We’ve played over 50 shows so far in 2012, and that’s a lot for us with having full time jobs, wives, girlfriends, and other junk… BUT, the upside is we are in the early stages of booking a really rad tour for early next year and are hoping to maybe even have the new album (or at least a single) ready to hit the road with us. Lots of details to work out, but it’ll be worth the wait. More details on the new record coming sooner rather than later, too.So to reiterate the highlights here… We played a lot of shows; Now we’re going to stop playing shows and write a record; Then we’re going to play shows again and eventually have a new record out. I think that about wraps it up. All is well, we love each other, this isn’t one of those break-up hiatuses. This is a me-being-fat-and-lazy-and-wanting-to-watch-a-lot-of-football-and-eat-sandwiches-in-the-winter-season-and-not-drive-around-in-the-snow-to-a-bunch-of-crummy-towns-that-are-not-my-own kind of hiatus. That atmosphere is way more fitting for writing a new album in front of a warm fire while we are all wearing Snuggies.

Much thanks as always for checking us out, buying our records, coming to our shows, etc.

9/14 – New Bruns, NJ @ Blackbox w/ Risk Relay
9/28 – NYC @ Cake Shop w/ Sonic Avenues, Marvin Berry
10/6 – LongBranch, NJ @ Brighton w/ Angry Samoans, Chronic Sick
10/17 – New Bruns, NJ @ House w/ Toys That KillThe Shrine, NSC
10/18 – Bklyn @ Acheron w/ Toys That Kill, Shrine, Nude Beach
10/28 – Gainesville, FL @ THE FEST 11 w/ Ceremony, Propagandhi


We got home earlier this week from a great tour out West. LA (x2), Pomona, Santa Barbara, San Pedro, San Diego (x2), Vancouver, Victoria, Portland, Oakland, San Fran, Berkeley, and especially Honolulu, Hawaii were all a fucking blast. We can’t thank everyone enough who showed us a good time, put us up for the night, cooked us a meal, called out sick from work to hang with us an extra day, lent us gear, put on a show for us, played with us, shot the shit, or bought a record or tee shirt. We’re a really lucky band with so many great people looking out for us, and we truly appreciate it and can’t wait to come back.

“Fresh Kills VOL 1″ 12” will be available in a couple weeks for order and Alex at Grave Mistake is hard at work making something special for you record nerds. We’ll have a small bit of leftover tour merch for sale soon in our webstore… a couple posters, tank tops, and other stuff survived the tour, so help get this shit out of Joe’s apartment.

Working on new songs and as always playing a bunch of shows… Here’s what’s lined up. See you soon.

UPCOMING SHOWS:Thu. Aug. 9th: Philly, PA @ Goldilocks Gallery (723 Chestnut Street) w/ GIVE… 8pm / $10. THIS IS HARDCORE AFTER PARTY

Thu. Aug. 23rd: Philly, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ Sickoids (last Philly show for a long time), No Stayer, Mutant Genes, Attitude Era. 7:30 / $7
Sat. Aug. 25th: Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron w/ Nuclear Santa Claust, Altered Boys, Goosebumps, Mutant Genes (FRESH KILLS 12″ release show) 8pm / $8
Wed. Aug. 29th: Brooklyn, NY @ House of Vans w/ Turbonegro, Baroness, Doomriders. FREE
Fri. Sept. 7th: Baltimore, MD @ Golden West w/ Giuda (ITALY), White Wires, Merchandise, Scum Again for CSR Anniversary
Sat. Sept. 8th: Richmond, VA @ Phoenix Garden (7103 Brook Rd) w/ Tenement, Southside Stranglers, Unholy Thoughts
Fri. Sept. 14th: New Brunswick w/ Risk Relay. More info TBA
Sat. Oct. 6th: Long Branch, NJ @ Brighton Bar w/ Angry Samoans, Chronic Sick
Wed. Oct. 17th: New Brunswick, NJ @ Ray Cappos w/ Toys That Kill, Nuclear Santa Claust, Kicking Spit
Thu. Oct. 18th: Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron w/ Toys That Kill, Nude Beach
Sun. Oct. 28th: Gainesville, FL @ THE FEST 11


The last 2 months flew by. We’ve been busier than ever playing a bunch of shows and working on some new stuff. We played a set on WFMU, got to play with Screeching Weasel & the Queers in Baltimore and with Cock Sparrer & Cro Mags in Philly. We played in a cabin out in the middle of the woods of Virginia with GIVE for Tony Waste’s birthday party. Played the hottest set we’ve ever played in Albany with the Casualties. We went up to Ottawa, ON for the Ottawa Explosion Fest and hit Buffalo, NY and Toronto, ON on our way. All those shows ruled. Last weekend we played a pair of record release shows for The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore 12″ comp in Baltimore and NYC, and I think that brings us up to speed.
We have roughly two weeks off now where we will continue working on some new songs and learn some old ones we haven’t played in a while for the west coast tour we are doing (dates below)… “Fresh Kills Vol. 1”, our collection of early singles and demo (“s/t” 7″, “midnight movies” 7″, “killer waves” 7″, and 2009 demo) is being pressed on 12″ courtesy of Grave Mistake Records. We figured with all the singles and demo now being out of press it was a good way to keep them around in vinyl format. The release date is Tues. Aug. 21st, but we will have advanced copies with us on the road out West. We are also having a record release show for it. Aug. 25th at the Acheron in Brooklyn, and a surprise Brooklyn show a few days after that. We’ll have some mailorder only additions available also for you record collector types, and those will be available on this website when we get home from California.
I think that’s it. We have some other shows coming up too and we’ll have info for them soon. See you out West!


NIGHT BIRDS – “Fresh Kills” 12″ release show

Saturday, August 25th – 8pm – 18+
@ The Acheron
57 Waterbury St
Brooklyn, NY


Fri. 7/20 – Pomona, CA
@ VLHS (254 San Lorenzo St.)
w/ Toys That Kill, The Shrine, Auckerman, Vultures United.
9pm / $6 / ALL AGES


Sat. 7/21 – Santa Barbara, CA
@ Earl Warrens Showgrounds
SOUND & FURY FEST w/ Bane, Earth Crisis, H20, No Tolerance, Terror
more info at:


Sun. 7/22 – San Pedro, CA
@ Harolds
w/ Toys That Kill


Mon. 7/23 – San Diego, CA
@ the Eleven (3519 el cajon)


Tue. 7/24 – Los Angeles, LA
@ Blue Star Cafe (2200 E 15th St)
w/ Toys That Kill, Hands Like Bricks, Kent State, Tough Stuff
8pm / 18+ / $7


Thu. 7/26 – Honolulu, HI @ NO SUCK FEST w/ FYP, Toys That Kill

Fri. 7/27 – Honolulu, HI @ NO SUCK FEST w/ FYP, Toys That Kill

Sat. 7/28 – Honolulu, HI @ NO SUCK FEST w/ FYP, Toys That Kill

Sun. 7/29 – Honolulu, HI @ NO SUCK FEST w/ FYP, Toys That Kill


Tue. 7/31 – Victoria, BC
@ Logan’s Pub (1821 Cook Street)
w/ Big Eyes, Sheglank’d Shoulders, the Hoosegow.


Wed. 8/1 – Vancouver, BC
@ Iron Roads Studio (383 Raymur Ave.)
w/ The Jolts, Big Eyes, Vacant State


Thu. 8/2 – Portland, OR
@ the Know
w/ The Estranged, Freedom Club


Fri. 8/3 – San Francisco, CA
@ Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk St.)
w/ Sharp Objects, Ruleta Rusa, Bad Coyotes
9:30pm / $7 / 21+


Sat. 8/4 (EARLY SHOW) – Oakland, CA
@ 1-2-3-4 GO! Records
w/ Sharp Objects, Bad Coyotes
3pm / $6 / ALL AGES


Sat. 8/4 (LATE SHOW) – Berkeley, CA
@ Gilman St.
w/ Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Macnuggits, Neon Piss
7pm / ALL AGES

MAY 2012

May 1st, 2012… Lots going on this month. We are playing the first show at a new all ages, DIY venue in Middlesex, NJ called WAREHOUSE MOTOR CLUB.  This place rules, I went there to check it out and it has a great stage, sound, size, etc. I hope it becomes a new steady venue because NJ is in real need of cool larger show spot. We are also playing on our pal Diane Kamikaze’s WFMU radio show on the 17th at noon before heading to Baltimore to play with Screeching Weasel.  We have shows with Cock Sparrer (which is sold out, hope you got a ticket), and The Casualties too… Oh, we’re also  playing a creepy cabin somewhere in the woods for Tony Waste’s B day party. Info on all that junk is detailed below.

This month we will continue writing, and demo some new songs! Really happy with the way the new stuff is coming out and in the next few months we should have some solid information to share. We might play a new tune on the WFMU show, make sure to check that out. We’re also wrapping up the layout for “Fresh Kills Vol 1″ 12”, so we’ll have a release date on that soon too.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.


Sun. 5/6: Middlesex, NJ @ Warehouse Motor Club (620 Lincoln Blvd) w/ Altered Boys, Real Cops

Thu. 5/17: LIVE SET ON WFMU… Diane Kamikaze’s Fun Machine

Thu. 5/17: Baltimore, MD @ Sonar (407 East Saratoga St) w/ Screeching Weasel, The Queers    Tickets Here:

Fri. 5/18: Philly, PA @ Starlight Ballroom w/ Cock Sparrer, Cro Mags, Wisdom in Chains. SOLD OUT

Sat. 5/19: Richmond, VA @ a cabin in the woods

Fri. 5/25: Albany, NY @ Bogies (297 Ontario St.) w/ The Casualties, Neutron Rats, Dead Aces     Tickets Here:


OK lots of this stuff we’ve had to keep a lid on until it was announced, but everything’s getting spilled this week, so here is what we have going on in 2012… Still working on a few things, and I’m sure more stuff will pop up, but for now check out our Spring / Summer dates below including SOUND & FURY FEST in Santa Barbara, CA, OTTAWA EXPLOSION in Ottawa (duh), INSUBORDINATION FEST in Baltimore, MD, NO SUCK FEST in Honolulu, THE FEST 11 in Gainesville, WBAR BBQ in NYC, as well as Generation Records for record store day, a WFMU live set on May 17th, a bunch of other one off shows and weekends with lots of great bands, and our first trip out to the West coast.
Speaking of the West coast, Grave Mistake will be releasing a 12″ vinyl version of the Night Birds’ early singles collection “Fresh Kills Volume 1” which will feature our out of print demo, “Killer Waves” 7″ single, “s/t 7” EP, and the soon-to-be out of print “Midnight Movies” EP.  The 12″ will be available in July, just in time for the two week tour out West. The “Fresh Kills” CD is still available but we wanted those songs to also still remain in print on the vinyl format. It will be remastered for vinyl and new art with lots of fun shit to look at.
We are busy writing new songs, but more on that later. For now check the dates below and come hang out with us in your town.  XOXO – NBs
4/20: Boston @ Democracy Center w/ Ceremony
4/21 (Early): NYC, NY @ Generation Records w/ Supertouch, Paul Collins (the nerves)
4/21 (Late): Philly, PA @ 23rd Street Armory ROAD TO RUIN FEST w/ Pissed Jeans, Give
4/22: Washington, DC @ RAS Hall w/ Ceremony (SOLD OUT)
4/27: East Setauket, NY @ Setauket VFW w/ Iron Chic, Big Eyes
4/28 (Early): NYC, NY @ Bernard College’s WBAR-B-Q
4/28 (Late): New Brunswick, NJ w/ Big Eyes, Unfun
5/6: Middlesex, NJ @ Motor Club w/ Altered Boys, Real Cops
5/17: Baltimore, MD @ Sonar w/ Screeching Weasel, The Queers
5/18: Philly, PA @ Starlight Ballroom w/ Cock Sparrer, Cro Mags (SOLD OUT)
5/25: Albany, NY @ Bogies w/ the Casualties
6/13: Buffalo, NY @ The Funeral Home
6/14: Toronto, ON @ TBA
6/23: Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar w/ Mean Jeans, Dear Landlord
6/25: Brooklyn, NY @ the Knitting Factory
7/20: Pomona, CA @ VLHS w/ Toys That Kill, Rough Kids
7/21: Santa Barbara, CA @ Sound and Fury Fest
7/22: San Pedro, CA @ BrewCo

7/23: San Diego, CA @ the Eleven
7/24: Los Angeles, LA @ Blue Star Cafe
7/26: Honolulu, HI @ No Suck Fest
7/27: Honolulu, HI @  No Suck Fest
7/28: Honolulu, HI @  No Suck Fest
7/29: Honolulu, HI @  No Suck Fest
7/31: Victoria, BC @ Logan’s Pub w/ Big Eyes
8/1: Vancouver, BC @ Iron Roads Studio w/ Big Eyes
8/2: Portland, OR @ the Know w/ The Estranged
8/3: San Francisco, CA @ Submission w/ Sharp Objects
8/4: Oakland, CA @ 1-2-3-4 Go Records w/ Sharp Objects
8/4: Berkeley, CA @ Gilman St.
10/26 – 10/27: Gainesville, FL @ Fest 11

FEBRUARY 2nd, 2012

That’s right, woodchuck chuckers. It’s Groundhog Day! Make sure to spend this special day with someone you love. Now, here’s some Night Birds news…

Starting this Saturday, Feb. 4th, we will officially be back in action. Come welcome PJ to the band and witness the birth of a new era for us at the Acheron in Brooklyn with Kim Phuc and Nuclear Spring. We have been getting back into show playing mode since the day after Mike’s last show and we’re really anxious to start playing again. We are still semi-hibernating in February and March because it’s fucking cold out and who the hell wants to tour in the winter? With that said, we still have 9 shows over the next 2 months and we’ll be playing a few songs on the Chris Gethard show Feb. 29th. If you’re unfamiliar with the show check out some back episodes here ( A few tours are in the works, and one is totally booked, more info on that next month though. It also looks like we’ll be playing a bunch of fests this year, all over the place… Some fairly predictable, some not so much, but that too will have to wait.

In other news we have a new song coming out on a comp called “The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore” on Adeline records along with the Mean Jeans, Dear Landlord, the Copyrights, the Dopamines, and 11 more. It’s currently being mastered and is due out early Spring. The first US and European pressings of “The Other Side of Darkness” are now sold out. Roughly 1,600 records gone since September 2012. That seems really crazy to me, thanks so much to everyone who picked up a copy. Both Grave Mistake and Taken By Surprise just got their 2nd presses in.

As always if you want to buy a record, a tee shirt, or some other junk we have our webstore here.

And here is what’s lined up for Feb. & March…

Sat. 2/4: Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron w/ Kim Phuc, Nuclear Spring
Fri. 2/17: Amnittyville, NY @ Ollie’s Point w/ World Inferno Friendship Society
Sat. 2/18: Brooklyn, NY @ Williamsburg Hall of Music w/ World Inferno Friendship Society
Wed. 2/29: Manhattan, NY @ Chris Gethard Show

Thu. 3/1: NYC, NY @ the Cake Shop w/ the Spits, TV Ghost, Livids
Sat. 3/3: Brick, NJ @ Brick Moose Lodge w/ Secret Lives, Secret Police, Snowdonia
Thu. 3/15: Philadelphia, PA @ The Barbary w/ the Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, Combat Crisis
Fri. 3/16: New Brunswick, NJ @ a punk house (get in touch with us for details) w/ Altered Boys, Sickoids, Plastic Cross, Real Cops
Fri. 3/23: New Haven, CT @ 75 Daggett St.
Sat. 3/24: Providence, RI @ Chernobyl

That’s it for now. Super Bowl is this Sunday… Let’s go BIG BLUE!



Happy new year!

Let’s get down to it… Mike’s last live show with Night Birds will be January 12th in Brooklyn, NY. The band has become a fairly time-consuming commitment, and with the other three of us really pushing and wanting to do even more, Mike just wasn’t able to divert enough time from his new record store and his more recent writing projects. With the best intentions of both the band and himself in mind, he has made the decision to part ways with Night Birds. After three years, we are obviously bummed to see him go, but we are all still on perfectly good terms and there is no bad blood. In fact, Mike will remain in the band, along side our new guitar player, to write our second full length LP this Winter, with hopes of recording in early Spring.

Mike was a huge part of Night Birds.  If we didn’t have the perfect replacement and it just didn’t feel right, we would call it a day. We’re very critical of ourselves, always have been, and would not do this band half-assed. We are very excited to welcome PJ Russo to the Night Birds lineup on guitar. He plays in a great band called PHIBES, and the second we started playing together, it really just clicked. He’s a brilliant guitar player, and honestly fits the band perfectly. He will begin playing with us in February and you can come see for yourself.

We’re really looking forward to this coming year. Touring and playing shows was always something Joe, Ryan and myself wanted to do more of, and with this new lineup change we are excited that we can finally make it happen.  Though the current situation is a bit of a sad one, it’s also a breath of fresh air for all of us. Thanks for reading, thanks for digging our band, and thanks for picking up “the Other Side Of Darkness”. Come wish Mike a farewell January 12th and watch him toss himself around the room with Night Birds for the last time.

1/12: Brooklyn, NY @ Lulu’s w/ Night Birds, Livids (ex New Bomb Turks), Foster Care, Pampers, Nuclear Santa Claust ( )

2/17: Amnittyville, NY @ Ollie’s Place w/ World Inferno Friendship Society, Mischief Brew, Night Birds ( )

2/18: Brooklyn, NY @ Williamsburg Hall of Music w/ World Inferno Friendship Society, Mischief Brew, Night Birds ( )

2/29: NY, NY @ Chris Gethard Show

Tons of new merch for sale

Just posted a bunch of new t-shirts we have for sale in webstore.  Check them out.  We also have zip-up hoodies and all of the other Night Birds records we always sell.

We’re also offering a deal where you get our LP, both of our in print 7″s, and a t-shirt for $28 postage paid.